Minoxidil Shampoo User


Minoxidil Shampoo: The Review

Minoxidil shampoo is a medically proven hair growing product. It is a product which is without any doubt one of the most active hair care product available over the counter. Minoxidil shampoo has been tested and utilized by experts in the field, every day to help with and alleviate the symptom of hair loss. Today we are going to know in-depth about the minoxidile shampoo.

How minoxidil shampoo is applied

Most of the users tend to rush in case of seeing any result. They use the shampoo every now and then without knowing the proper instruction about how to use it. But that is not the way of using a minoxidil shampoo. The best way to see result is to stick to it. That means using the shampoo regularly. Apply the shampoo twice a day. The shampoo should be used twice daily for at least four months to see any result. The shampoo should be applied in the part lines of your hair by separating the hair. Then it should be massaged into the scalp.

My personal experience of using the shampoo

Personally, I have been too a victim of hair loss like many other people. As a result I used minoxidil shampoo and with the result I am pretty happy. The shampoo takes few months to show any result. I have used it for nearly for four month. As I am in my early 40’s, few months back sudden hair loss started to appear. The hairs in the top of my head started go thin and within a few months, a big portion of my head was hairless. So, I tried the shampoo. First, I was bit doubtful as I wasn’t seeing any result for a month. But I kept using it. Finally after 4 months I saw new hair growing in the top my head.

The positives

  • Only shampoo that actually helps to grow hair.
  • Not too expensive to buy
  • Easy to apply
  • Prevents excess hair loss

The Negatives

  • The shampoo comes with some side effects
  • Take a long time to show result


In my view, minoxidil shampoo is like the light in the end of the tunnel for people who are suffering from baldness or hair loss or hair thinning problem. It is definitely worth buying. It is definitely better than any other hair growing as well as any expensive hair implant surgery.